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2018-11-26 (5/4)

Watergate of Gentle Mind

Whipcat Fire Island at Courthill Lorricbrook Bandleader Sporting Fields Jazz Fest
Nevedith Justa Jigsaw
Courthill Cafe Society Fawnbree Special Brew at Dumbriton
Courthill Country Affair at Selinko
X-Libris of Gentle Mind Sol Y Sombra Jour de Soleil Sol Y Sombra Scandale à la Cour
Sol Y Sombra Promenade Sentimentale
Funny Girl of Gentle Mind Whipcat Fire Island at Courthill
Whipcat Blue Velvet at Gentle Mind
Dogarium Comee

Utzon's Admiral von Schneider Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer Play Mec du Manoir de la Grenouillere
Ronndal Oozing Style
Airescot Primula Carmodey Prima di Tutto
Airescot Serene Silver
Dogarium Alpha Aberdeen Remarkable In Paris Surrey Hill's Golden Boy
Aberdeen's Marking Time
Tappinskis Rubi For Dogarium Courtborne Angel Of Raphael
Tappinskis Friends Forever

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