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2018-04-20 (2/0)

Skyborne Touched By An Angel

Aberdeen Remarkable In Paris Surrey Hill's Golden Boy Chelsea Chalcedony
Diablesse Surrey Hill Say Yaha
Aberdeen's Marking Time Sporting Fields Tori at Fermanagh
Aberdeen On Mark N Sport Fld
Play A While A Room With A View Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale Ronndal Zinedine Zidane
Leyenda Miyabi Oh So Sexy
Play A While Lady Orlando Adagio Ta Moko
Play A While Mymlan
Rivarco Carnival Samba

Adagio Crowdstopper Play A While Nokia ForgetMeNot Flying Star
Play A While Late Red Autumnhop Ale
Adagio Captured Sunshine Adagio Love Supreme
Pencloe For Sure at FlicFlac
Rivarco Arwen Dumbriton Casting Stone Khabaray Single Malt at Dumbriton
Dumbriton Rainon
Rivarco Gazelle Jake du Manoir de la Grenouillere
Wenrick's Rave N'Sportingfields


ur. (d.o.b.): 2018-04-20
zm. (d.o.d.): 0000-00-00
Umaszczenie (Colour): pręgowane z białym / brindle and white
Hod. (Breeder): DEW
Wł. (Owner): Łódź POL

Potomstwo (Progeny):


ur. (d.o.b.): 2018-04-20
zm. (d.o.d.): 0000-00-00
Umaszczenie (Colour): pręgowane z białymi znaczeniami / brindle with white markings
Hod. (Breeder): DEW
Wł. (Owner): 

Potomstwo (Progeny):

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