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  1. "I" WIKI BLACK - 2023-09-27 (7/2) - Quirinus Lantan x Dew Non-Stop Salsa

  2. "H" WIKI BLACK - 2022-07-15 (5/5)

  3. Dew Happy-Morning Skyborne Touched By An Angel Aberdeen Remarkable In Paris Surrey Hill's Golden Boy
    Aberdeen's Marking Time
    Play A While A Room With A View Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale
    Play A While Lady Orlando
    Nirse Your Love Tylko Ty Rodrigo Borgia Reggae Lazarus
    Barnesmore Hocus Pocus
    Whiteheads All Of My Heart Sol Y Sombra Jour de Soleil
    Bokamaro Magic Touch
    Tylko Ty Gunne Siprex Pascal Siprex Bendik Adagio My Culture
    Siprex Vilde
    Siprex Amelie Made For Librium Barnesmore Pony Soljer
    Siprex Winnie
    Shamasan Tylko Ty Who's Blue Beauroi Proud As Punch Beauroi Pax A Punch
    Beauroi This Diamond Sparkles
    Shamasan Who's That Lady Devonair's Mysterious Ellery
    Shamasan Y Tu Mama Tambien

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     HONEY SCOOBY Wiki Black

     HONEY BLACK Wiki Black

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     HONEY LISA Wiki Black

     HONEY NANA Wiki Black

     HONEY POLY Wiki Black

  4. "G" WIKI BLACK - 2022-04-25 (4/4) - Tylko Ty Gunnar x Dew Non-Stop Salsa

  5. "Funny" WIKI BLACK - 2021 - Dew Happy-Morning x Tylko Ty Gunne

  6. "E" WIKI BLACK - 2021 - Tylko Ty Planeta Mars x Dew Happy-Midnight

  7. "D" WIKI BLACK - 2021 - Leifturs Mori x Dew Non-Stop Salsa

  8. "C" WIKI BLACK - 2020 - Southpoint Antoine x Dew Happy-Midnight

  9. "B" WIKI BLACK - 2019 - Leifturs Mori x Dew Non-Stop Salsa

  10. "A" WIKI BLACK - 2018 - Leifturs Mori x Dew Happy-Midnight

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