"P" z Grodziskiej Niziny

Whippety w Polsce

Aktualizacja / Last update: 05.07.2018



Essential Alternative Dominija

Carry On Ramblin'Man Carry On Pastrami Birkonbrae True E'Nuff
Carry On Bordeaux
Pencloe For Sure at FlicFlac Millwold Gold Dust to Exhurst
FlicFlac Kiss Of Gold at Pencloe
Boxing Helena's Coral Gem Boxing Helena's Xlnt Man Nevedith Veefa Vagabond
Nevedith Supa Sassy
Boxing Helena's August Eve Valentino's Quorum
Boxing Helena's Xena
Until The End Of The World Slim-Extreme

Bel Ami of Gentle Mind Sol Y Sombra Jour de Soleil Sol Y Sombra Scandale a la Cour
Sol Y Sombra Promenade Sentimentale
Sobresalto Rock Reign Starline's Reign On
Airescot Justina Casagli
Campanula Carpatica Ypsylon Aaniston No Hunks In Trunks Aaniston Fishing Waiting Wishing
Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes
Velvet Butterfly Ypsylon Eikjhor Trotter
Dancing In The Moonlight Ypsylon


ur. (d.o.b.): 2017-07-04
zm. (d.o.d.): 0000-00-00
Umaszczenie (Colour): prÄ™gowane z biaÅ‚ymi znaczeniami / brindle with white markings
WÅ‚. (Owner): WaÅ‚brzych POL

Potomstwo (Progeny):

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