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2018-09-07 (3/4)

Southpoint Wild N'Brave

Southpoint Mountain Lion Barnesmore Celtic Tiger Barnesmore Paint The Town
Catchacre Tiger Lily of Barnesmore
Kiss Me Kate da Roseira Brava Boxing Helena’s Halo Sundog
Nevedith Pfa Pollyanna
Librium's Keep Jazz N Melody Rivarco Aragorn Dumbriton Casting Stone
Rivarco Gazelle
Librium's Believe In Love Wolf Tone Viking
Librium's Poem To A Little Lady
Tylko Ty Mysore

Lancar Dream El Dorado Play a While Mora Marknad Play a While The Hours
Play a While Late Red Autumnhop Ale
Atlantic Breeze Lancar Keyzer Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer
Atlanta Airamar
Tylko Ty Deep Waters of Anduine Tylko Ty Viking's Pride Wolf Tone Viking
Barnesmore Hocus Pocus
Barnesmore Hocus Pocus Barnesmore War Pony
Barnesmore Black Orchid

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